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Literacy Days of Excellence

“On 5th and 6th June five Year 5 students went to Regents Park SS for 2 days and worked with the poet Josh Donellan.  On the first day we learned how to use poetic devices correctly like alliteration and personification.  We also played games, wrote our poems on the ground with chalk and on the windows.  On the second day we finished our poems and typed them up on the computer. 
We all came back to Regents Park SS that evening to perform our poems to the students and families.  There were so many different types of poems including scary ones, sad ones, happy ones, exciting ones and many more!  We were all a bit nervous performing in front of so many people.
Our highlights of the days:
  • The games and activities we played
  • Performing in front of a cheering audience
  • The lunches – first day hot dogs, second day mac' and cheese or pasta bolognese.
We all had lots of fun and really enjoyed working and learning Josh.”
Aaron D, Bonnie G, Christine K, Amelia Y, Somer H,