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Our staff

The staff at Yugumbir State School are always happy and prepared to speak with parents. We ask that you arrange these meetings in advance to allow staff time to prepare for the day, especially before school. Staff meetings after school may also make informal meetings at the door difficult. Please contact your child's teacher or the school if you wish to arrange a meeting.

As well as class teachers, Yugumbir has a full range of specialists and support personnel, including a guidance officer, a behaviour management specialist, a community liaison Officer and Chaplin.
​Yugumbir State School 2017 Staff
Mr M. Quinn 
Deputy Principals 
Mrs V. Wakefield (Pre-Prep, Prep, Years 1 & 2) 
Mr L. Wills (Years 3 & 6) 
Miss M. Cornwall (Years 4 & 5) 
Heads of Curriculum 
Mrs A. Schulz - Lower School
Miss L. Boyle - Upper School
Head of Special Education Services 
Mrs S. Barber
Guidance Officer
Mrs J. Vincent 
Business Services Manager 
Mrs J. Kennedy 
Executive Services Officer 
Mrs Y. Armstrong 
Administration Officers
Mrs M. Turnell 
Mrs A. Wilson 
Mrs T. Priestly 
Mrs J. Liiv
Prep KT: Mrs K. Thiess 
​Prep KA: Ms K. Allen 
Prep LH: Mrs L. Hand
Prep KB: Miss K. Bonnici 
Prep JS: Miss J. Smith
Prep RH: Miss R. Henwood
Year 1 CB: Mrs C. Knight 
Year 1 KG: Mrs K. Greenhill 
Year 1 AN: Mrs A. Nielsen 
Year 1 AT: Mrs A. Thomson
Year 1 LW: Mrs L. Wrigley
Year 1 LS: Mrs E. Sealey
Year 2 MG: Mrs M. Goudy
Year 2 ME: Miss M. Estandarte
Year 2 HD: Mrs D. Honeymoon
Year 2 KD: Mrs K. Duran
Year 2 MP: Miss M. Popovic
Year 2 MC: Mrs M. Coogan
Year 2 NP: Mr N. Parkes
Year 3 TJ: Mrs A. Jackson /
Year 3 TJ: Mrs D. Thoday
Year 3 SW: Mr S. Williams
Year 3 HW: Mrs J. Hick / Mrs C. Whittaker
Year 3 CC: Mrs A. Corrigan / Mrs B. Cosgrove
Year 3 KD: Mrs K. Dowling
Year 3 RB: Mrs R. Belshaw
Year 3 JB: Mrs J. Byer
Year 4 BC: Mr B. Carroll
Year 4 EA: Miss E. Allen
Year 4 BR: Mr B. Ross
Year 4 LH: Miss L. Hall
Year 4 KP: Miss J. Stone
Year 4 KR: Mrs K. Rooney
Year 4/5 MF: Miss M. Fuery
Year 5 BC: Mrs A. Bykersma
Year 5 BK: Miss B. Kaehler
Year 5 CB: Miss C. Bailey
Year 5 SV: Mr S. Vrbesic
Year 5 RN: Mr N. Neyland
Year 6 LB: Mrs N. Papas
Year 6 RH: Mr R. Holt
Year 6 GH: Miss G. Hansen
Year 6 GS: Mr G. Sergeant
Year 6 JH: Mrs J. Hansen
Year 6 JC: Mrs J. Cronin
Behaviour Managment
Mr. M. Cooper
Special Education Unit Teachers
Mrs V. Newton
Mrs C. Jones
Mrs T. Farrer
Support Teacher, Literacy & Numercy
Mrs K. Power
Mrs D. Johnson
Mrs K. Schomacker
Curriculum Coordination Time
Mrs S. Gow
Ms I. Matzke
Mrs C. Dudley
Mrs N. Phillips
Mrs R. Didlick
ESL Teacher
Mrs M. Debowska
Speech Pathologist
Mrs K. Wallace
Languages Teacher (Indonesian)
Mrs S. Chipperfield
Physical Education
Mrs S. Elliot
Mr G. Alechnowicz
Mr N. Bishop
Mrs S. Farthing
Instrumental Music
Mrs L. Gittins
Mr S. Dorney
Support Staff
Teacher Aides
Ms J. Hoyt
Miss J. Kaplic
Mrs R. Knoblauch
Mrs G. McPherson
Mrs J. Moutsatsos
Mrs C. Porter
Mrs T. Rido
Mrs D. Rogers
Mrs N. Rowston
Mrs M. Jordan
Special Education Teacher Aides
Mrs K. Harrison
Mrs G. Llora
Mrs D. D'arcy
Mrs S. Gentile
Mrs K. Kantor
Mrs L. Cordall
Mrs B. Tucker
Mrs J. Bombala - Auslan
Library Aides:
Mrs H. Wiedman
Mrs C. Miller
Mr C. Gomez
Community Liasion Officer (Pre-Prep)
Ms K. Field
Computer Technician
Mr A. Lickerman
Grounds and Facilities Officer
Mr G. Waller
Mr L. Wood - Horticulture
Mrs C. Woodlands
Mrs J. Foster
Mrs G. Durdevic
Mrs C. Waller
Mrs N. Horrigan
Mrs K. Clark
Mrs D. Gee