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Why choose our school?

Yugumbir State School is a cohesive, school community striving to achieve individual excellence for every student.

The school has a rigorous teaching and learning program striving to cater for the range of learning needs of all students. Classrooms are positive, nurturing environments in which students are encouraged, supported and positively challenged to learn, achieving the highest individual standard possible.

The school staff is very professional and forward thinking. Our developmental agenda, especially in numeracy and literacy, is targetted at maximising the learning of each child, with a strong focus on a whole school approach. School leaders, teachers and teacher aides are working cohesively to maximise student achievement.

Technology is integrated within our teaching programs. Class academic programs are increasingly accessing computers and iPads to broaden learning opportunities, to stimulate students and to develop technological knowledge and skills.

Yugumbir has a strong music program. Class music programs are supplemented by a large and high standard instrumental program and quality choirs. Maximum student participation in the music program adds significantly to the life of the school.

Student enjoy a range of sporting opportunities throughout the school year. A healthy balance between striving for high standards of performance by individuals and teams and high levels of participation in a range of sports, benefits all students.

A highly valued program within the school is the horticultural program. This program provides opportunities for students to engage in managing their own class garden. Students enjoy enhancing school gardens and growing their own vegetables.

The school has a strong focus on the early years of schooling. Prep students are well supported through their introduction to the school. Classrooms are nurturing environments, in which each student is supported and encouraged to begin their academic learning. A Pre-Prep program supports prospective students and their parents to introduce their child to the school, prior to formal entry to Prep.

The engagement of parents in their child's learning and the life of the school is highly valued. Parents are encouraged to access the numerous opportunities that will be available.

Greg Brand


If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.