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​Bring Your Own Device (BYOD – Laptop Program)

Information and communication technologies (ICT) are an important part of contemporary schooling. The Australian Curriculum includes ICT's as a general capability across all Learning Areas, as well as Digital Technologies as a specific Learning Area.

Many schools implement one-to-one ICT device programs, where students use a dedicated electronic device to enhance their learning experiences.

Educational research has shown that schools that migrate to a BYOD model enjoy many benefits, including: 

  • improved student learning outcomes through the use of technology that facilitates learning in a contemporary educational setting
  • the maturing of students as digital citizens who embrace digital opportunities and responsibilities
  • the normalising of technology use between school, work and home
  • greater autonomy in the classroom
  • increased student motivation, confidence and engagement with learning because students are familiar with their devices
  • greater opportunity for inter-school collaboration.
  • development of technological skills for future living, studies and employability

(Alberta Government, 2012; Lee, Levins, Hubbard, & Freedman, 2013; Ministerial Council on Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs, 2008; Nielsen, 2013; Wainwright, 2013; Sweeney, & Intelligent Business Research Services Ltd., 2012).


Therefore, to meet the demands of 21st century education, Yugumbir State School has transitioned to a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD or BYOx) Laptop Program.  In 2022 the BYOD (Laptop) Program has begun with our Yr. 6 students.

Moving to a BYOD model will increase the learning capacity of students by:

  • enabling personalised learning through access to rich learning resources
  • continuous access to educational materials allowing learning to happen anywhere, anytime
  • providing an engaging, interactive environment for learning
  • strengthening links between home and school, allowing parents to see, every day, what their children are learning at school and have relevant, timely, accurate and quality conversations around student learning and progress
  • allowing students, the opportunity to display prior knowledge of topics and thus be co-constructive in their own learning journey
  • aligning with the school's educational practices to improve long-term memory retention
  • maximising independent and resilient learning. 

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model allows students and staff to be able to access the department's information and communication (ICT) network with their personally owned devices. Students and staff are responsible for the security, integrity, insurance and maintenance of their personal devices and their private network accounts. BYOD represents more than a privately-owned device; it also includes software, applications, connectivity or carriage service.


ICT Acceptable Usage Agreement:

The ICT Acceptable Usage Agreement contains all the information and agreement (contract) that was signed by all students and parents/carers at enrolment.  Each family should thoroughly read and understand the content in relation to acceptable usage of ICT facilities and devices (including BYOD) at Yugumbir State School.  


For parents who wish to purchase their child's BYOD device there are a number of options that include:

BYOD parent information.png
Other retailer of own choice
  • Already have a device that meets the minimum specifications (see below)


For parents who wish to source a device other than from JB HI-FI, the minimum specifications requested for use at Yugumbir State School are as follows:

*  Minimum processor: Modern (nothing older than 2017) Intel i5 or AMD Ryzen 5

*  Minimum RAM: 8GB

*  Minimum storage: 256 GB

*  Required operating system: Windows 10/11

*  Required: Wifi

*  Required: 6-hour battery life


Please also find the link below for a recording of the recent Parent Information Session  2022 BYOD Program Video

Slides from the Presentation are also attached along with the JB HI-FI Information Pack which includes the web address and code for accessing the Purchasing Portal.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me via email:

YSS BYOD Presentation


JB HI-FI Parent Information Pack 

Last reviewed 02 March 2022
Last updated 02 March 2022