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Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction which can rapidly become life threatening. There are several students who attend our school who are allergic to several of the common triggers. To assist in the management of this important medical situation, it is strongly recommended that NO PEANUT products including Nutella, be sent to school as part of the students lunch or snack food. Our school tuckshop and school camp catering adhere to this guideline.

Your co-operation in this very important matter would be appreciated. Please ensure that all allergy and anaphylaxis medication is current and up to date. If your child is anaphylactic please ensure that the child has a current treatment plan and the Epi-pens are up to date.

Attendance and absenteeism

If a child is absent from school, a note from the parent or caregiver is required.  In the event of an unexplained absence, a compulsory attendance form will be sent home. In the event of your child contacting an infectious disease, a detailed exclusion table is available. Please note the student absentee telephone no. (07) 3380 0360.

Once children enter the school grounds, they are not to leave without the permission of the principal. Parents wishing to collect a child prior to 3.00 pm need to visit the office to sign the child out.

Children who arrive late for school (after 8.55 am) should go to the office to obtain a late slip which needs to be given to the class teacher.


Our responsible behaviour plan for students aims to create a safe, caring environment for teaching and learning which emphasises the rights and responsibilities of all members of our school community.

Our plan has been developed in consultation with the members of our school community and has been endorsed by our school's Parents and Citizen's Association. It focuses on maintaining a supportive school environment and developing responsible behaviour in all students. It reflects the underlying principles, values, beliefs and goals of our school.

Bus behaviour policy

The Queensland Department of Transport has developed its own code of conduct (PDF, 733 KB) for school students travelling on buses. This is a set of behavioural guidelines developed to assist school bus operators manage the issue of student behaviour.

Any child who breaks these rules will have a letter sent home and any subsequent report could lead to suspension from the bus by Park Ridge Transit.

Dress code

Students are expected to wear their school uniform every day. Our uniform dress code reflects school community standards and is consistent with occupational health and safety rules and sun safety strategies. The wearing of a school uniform also provides our students with ready identification of students and non-students at school and helps to foster a sense of belonging and mutual respect by minimising visible evidence of social or economic differences.


Teachers set homework in accordance with our homework policy which has been developed in consultation with our school community.

Parents are encouraged to liaise with their teacher in relation to how they can help their children at home.


Parents are reminded that if your child is required to take any medication at school on a long or short term basis, all medication must be administered through the school office.

Medication should be in its original container, showing the medication’s name, child’s name and dosage.  Parents/Caregivers are required to complete an authority form at the school office and all medication must also have a letter from the child’s doctor. 

Teachers will not administer medication and children must not have medication in their lunch boxes or school bags. The only exception to this rule is when asthmatics are required to have self-administering medication on hand.  Parents should notify class teachers if children have their own asthma medication.

Please note: Staff are unable to administer pain control medication eg. Panadol, Heron etc. without a written letter from the doctor.

Money collection

All money is to go to the classroom teacher first.  The school now accepts payments by most cards, a minimum of $5.00 is necessary for payment by this method. Yugumbir State School also offers parents the option to pay accounts to the school online via electronic banking.

Electronic banking is our school’s preferred method of payment. Each student will have a unique student number which identifies your child and must be used for each transaction. We ask you to note that each excursion/camp activity will also have a unique code which will identify the activity you wish to pay for. Current activity codes can be found in the latest newsletter.

Please use this code along with the unique student number in the description area when making payments to the school.

Please be aware of our school policy if insufficient details are supplied will be as follows:

  • We can identify the student but not the activity - Payment will be applied against the oldest debt
  • We cannot identify the student – Payment will be paid into a holding account

Payments are also accepted via cash, cheque, EFTPOS, Bankcard, Mastercard and Visa methods.

Mobile phones

While we acknowledge that some parents feel there is a need for children to bring mobile phones to school for safety reasons, mobile phones can cause disruption to classes, and increase the possibility of theft.

Mobile phones brought to school by students are to be signed in at the office on arrival at school, and collected at 3.00 pm.

A parent letter of permission for your child to have a phone is to be provided to the school office. 

If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.

Last reviewed 26 May 2020
Last updated 26 May 2020