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Student services and support programs

​Special Education Program (SEP)

Yugumbir has a modern special education unit to support students who have been identified within the following disability areas:

  • Autistic spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • Intellectual impairment
  • Physical impairment
  • Speech language impairment

When necessary, support is also given in the areas of vision and hearing impairment.

The SEP caters for each individual student's needs by facilitating their participation in the regular curriculum to the extent that they are able, while also delivering individualised and specialised programs to address needs outlined in their individual support plan (ISP). Students who require a completely alternative curriculum are also catered for where necessary.

Guidance officer

Yugumbir has a guidance officer who works closely with students and their families, teachers, non-teaching professionals and in some instances, departmental agencies and authorities. The guidance officer's role includes but is not limited to:

  • working directly with students and teachers, support personnel, family and other specialists/ professionals
  • providing guidance and counselling services to students and their families
  • performing case management and referral services to optimise students' access and engagement in education
  • preparing and implementing professional and personal skill development programs for administrators, teachers and parents
  • working collaboratively with other school-based support personnel to assess and address the needs of students
  • planning or assisting in planning support programs that can help students achieve positive outcomes
  • supporting the personal and social development of students

If you feel the guidance officer can be of assistance, please contact the office.


The chaplaincy service within our school community is held in very high regard, and we are grateful of the supportive, professional services & programs that are provided.
Yugumbir is fortunate to have a chaplain available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Mrs Kerry Anderson works alongside other members of our support service team as well as supports networks outside of the school community.
The main role of a chaplain is to provide social, emotional and spiritual support to the students, families and staff within our school community. Pastoral care is provided in many ways, including being a friendly face, a listening ear, as well providing access to appropriate programs and resources.
Lunchtime activities will be available each week and are a great way to assist students to develop positive relationships and practice developing appropriate social skills. Other programs are provided on a needs basis and these programs address a wide range of issues, including opportunities to support students and families affected by family relationship breakdown, friendship issues, peer pressure, grief, loss, self-esteem issues, bullying and anxiety.
Parents will need to complete a permission form before their child/ children can access pastoral care and/or participate in chaplaincy programs.
If you feel the chaplain can be of assistance, please contact the office.