National Disability Insurance Scheme


​​​​​ Schools and the National Disability Insurance Scheme ​(NDIS)

The department recognises that NDIS supports may contribute to improving a student's ability to access and participate in education and achieve.

The NDIS funds supports for eligible students, through NDIS Plans, focused on supporting children and young people in their daily living.

In Queensland, these supports are not provided for educational purposes. They do not include supports, such as therapy or specialist health supports, which schools provide as reasonable educational adjustments necessary to enable students to access and participate in education.

Parents may request that NDIS providers, who are engaged either by them or NDIS plan managers, deliver supports included in NDIS supports at school, during school time.

Principals will consider and make decisions about requests from parents for NDIS providers to deliver NDIS supports at school, during school time on a case-by-case basis. This means that NDIS providers who are already delivering NDIS supports to another student/s at the school or have been granted access at another school do not automatically have the right to access the school.

Before a NDIS provider can access the school and provide supports under an NDIS Plan, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Parents return the completed NDIS Access Request form to school, detailing the type of NDIS support, which days and frequency, start and end dates for the NDIS support arrangement, why the NDIS support needs to be provided at school during school time, and information about the NDIS support provider. (See NDIS Fact Sheet for Parents). (A separate request is required for each NDIS provider providing sessions to your child)
  2. The Principal will advise parents / caregivers of their decision regarding the NDIS Access Request, including conditions of access or reason for refusal. The parents / caregiver advises the NDIS provider about the Principal's decision and further information required.
  3. If the NDIS Access Request has been approved, the NDIS provider must supply all information and documentation to the school as required by the Principal. (See NDIS Fact Sheet for Providers).
  4. The parent, NDIS provider and school enter into a signed NDIS Access Agreement which includes the NDIS provider agreeing to pay the designated room fee. 
  5. The NDIS provider completes mandatory training, including and training required by the principal, and provides required supporting documentation.

These steps take time. NDIS providers will not be able to access the school and deliver supports to a student until all of these steps are completed.

Please note that under this program schools are not charging parents for this service. The NDIS Provider has the responsibility to pay for the designated room hire should they wish to access school facilities.  Should the provider pass this cost on to the parent, this is an issue for you to take up with the provider directly. As there are significant administrative and logistical tasks associated to the coordination of this program, the Department of Education has empowered schools to recoup some of the costing associated.

If you require any further information, please contact Tania Priestley on (07) 3380 0333 or via email to

Last reviewed 17 February 2022
Last updated 17 February 2022